Why choose A Pet’s Paradise for pet sitting and pet care?

When pet owners are on vacation, at work, or busy at home, they often need a pet sitting and pet care service to give loving care to their pets. A Pet’s Paradise is a full-time professional pet sitting and pet care service dedicated to servicing you and your pet’s needs.

As part of our pet sitting and pet care service, we provide healthy walks for dogs, and playful exercise for puppies, cats, and kittens, too. We also provide loving care and mental distractions through talking, petting, and playing with birds, rabbits, hamsters, frogs, or any other pets.

A Pet’s Paradise can walk dogs at any time during the morning, noon, or afternoon, and continue with pet sitting and pet care well into the evening. We care for pets on every day of the year, including all of the holidays.

While pet sitting and providing pet care, A Pet’s Paradise will feed, water, and clean up after your pet, plus we offer many other included services. Let us provide for your pet sitting and pet care needs:

  • While you are busy during holidays
  • For birthdays and family events
  • During work hours
  • While you are on vacation
  • Or when you just need a quick getaway

We are here for you

Our strengths:

  • Professional, loving pet sitting and pet care in your home
  • Dogs, cats, birds, fish, furry critters, and more
  • We treat you and your pets like family
  • Loving, caring, long-term pet care relationships
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Flexibility to meet your pet’s schedule
  • Special detail to your pet’s needs
  • Emotional support for your pets while you’re away

What we do:

  • Pet sitting and pet care services
  • Dog walking
  • Mid-day pet visits and pet sitting and pet care
  • Home security checks/mail & newspaper pickup
  • Plant watering during pet sitting and pet care visits
  • Special needs pet services
  • Scheduled pet visits that meet your pet’s needs
  • Affordable pet sitting and pet care rates